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Nintendo-Sony-Philips: Timeline of the Weirdest Deal in Video Game History

How the month of June 1991 has changed the history, according to the New York Times.

MARIO HOUSE @ Sapporo Flower Festival 1986

Nintendo SMASHMATIC (1975)

Introduced in the summer of 1975, SmashMaticスマッシュ ・マティック」quickly became popular in the Japanese Game Centers. Following the success of the Laser Clay Shooting and the new Simulation System cabinet (turned into Wild Gunman & Shooting Trainer few months later) but just before the EVR’s Boom, SmashMatic is one of the first electro-mechanical machine and arcade game produced by Nintendo Leisure System.「任天堂レジャーシステム

A mixture of table tennis and badminton?

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Nintendo’s employees in front of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in 1949 (Showa 24)

Nintendo Company Book 2020

As usual.

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Nintendo Company Book 2018

First but not last, the Nintendo Company Book 2018 has been scanned and it’s now available online! A beautiful corporate alphabet book with artworks from Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, ARMS and other inside pictures of the Nintendo’s offices in Kyoto.

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Sunday Mainichi • サンデー毎日

About 30 Nintendo “Playing Cards” advertisements from the 1950s memorized! All these ads were published in the Japanese magazine Sunday Mainichi from Showa 29 (1954) to Showa 34 (1959).

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