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57 Shades of SupaMario

According to the physicist Albert Einstein, the most important thing is not to stop questioning. So, when I saw the news about a Super Mario Bros. cartridge sold over $100,000, I first wondered if the Retrogaming Community has gone crazy, and start reading a bunch of articles about the multiple variants of the most iconic game released on Famicom / NES around the World.

Differences are mostly found in localization, labels or number of screws in the back of the cartridge, but the hardest part during my research was to find a website listing all of those variations.

After hundreds of eBay and Yahoo Japan auctions visited… I decided to create it.

Happy 35th Birthday Little Big Mustache!

57 Shades of SupaMario

Nintendo’s employees in front of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in 1949 (Showa 24)

“We require a special talent to manage Nintendo, and I believe Iwata-san to be the best for the job.”

YAMAUCHI Hiroshi (2002)

Nintendo Company Book 2020

As usual.

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Nintendo Company Book 2018

First but not last, the Nintendo Company Book 2018 has been scanned and it’s now available online! A beautiful corporate alphabet book with artworks from Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, ARMS and other inside pictures of the Nintendo’s offices in Kyoto.

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Sunday Mainichi • サンデー毎日

About 30 Nintendo “Playing Cards” advertisements from the 1950s memorized! All these ads were published in the Japanese magazine Sunday Mainichi from Showa 29 (1954) to Showa 34 (1959).

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“For young players, classic games are brand new. For older players, they bring back memories and make you feel good.”

Iwata satoru (2005)

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